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The Legend of Infir Ale-Friend

In the Dwarven keeps of Harheim, it is seen as very rude and offensive to waste a pint of ale or mead by spilling or leaving it unfinished on a table. This is because around five hundred years ago when the Dwarves of Harheim were beginning to become a diplomatic power in Nychtes by their trade of the exotic Dwarven Steel, the then ruthless Steelskin emperors of the time took notice of this rise in power and began waging war on the Dwarves so that their then prosperous metal trading empire wouldn't be contested by these ambitious Flesh bags. The ensuing war lasted two years until a barley farmer turned warrior, Infir Alfori, led a small group of heroes to the Steelskin embassy located in southeast Harheim and assassinated Iron-General Kasselo in a huge demoralizing battle for the Steelskin army which ended with the entire embassy exploding and led to their eventual retreat from Harheim. Infir and his band of now legendary warriors were given the title of Myth Knight by @Grey King Dyrfalos for their enormous part in ending the war, and wer granted an endless supply of mead and ale from his royal reserves. The party spent two weeks drinking the from the reserves in celebration of their victory. Infir being renamed "Ale-Friend" after emptying one of the enormous one ton silver vats of ale in one week. It was then tradition in Dwarf culture to drink every ounce of ale in one's container until there was no trace left before leaving the bar, and to never waste an ounce. It is seen as a great insult to Dwarf kind if this rule is broken. In many mountain strongholds, one should expect a few angry stares if this rule is broken. In some Dwarven barley villages, fist fights commonly occur if someone is caught "spitting on" Ale-Friend's legacy.

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