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Zyxu's Manifesto

Zyxu's Manifesto is a collection of more than 3,000 notes attributed to the fabled mage Zyxu. The documents serves mostly as a memoir of the mage, but also contain partial instructions to spells he created, such as those used in Zyxu's Atbash.


The collection seem to be a memoir, a codex, a recipes book and perhaps even a dream diary of the mage. It contains stories of outlandish experiences and achievements alongside lists of mundane spell ingredients and inventory counts. The term 'manifesto' was coined after only the first few pages where translated, revealing a barrage of complaints about the structures of power in the universe and against one particular apothecary in Bona Giko. Later translations efforts also suggested changing the collection's name to codex in order to better reflect its contents, but the name was already heavily in use and such changes did not met success in the general public.

Document Structure


Zyxu's notes are not numbered, curated or arraganged in any prticular order. What more, the student who was responsible for the finding shaffled them in a vein attempt to make sense of them and could not recall the original order in which they were originaly put.   This "complete mess", as described by several experts who attempted trying to dicypher the notes, in addition to Zyxu's own obstructions by using made-up words and the language's lack of punctuation and structure have cause severe delays in translations. Only a small portion has been considered to be succesfuly translated, and each new page add changes to the narative, the characters or even the porpuse of the collections.   Some pages are connected by nothing yet continue reading as if they were a single page, while other split words at the ends, often causing them to be percived as other words entirely.


Zyxu's manifesto mentions several well known figures of the Prime Material Realm. Some, such as Ekian Cain, recive lengthy sections filled with vivid decreptions. On the other hand, other much more influencial figures of Zyxu's time, such as Orseria and Ezorth only recieve a vague descriptions, while causing much bigger implications in Zyxu's stories.

Historical Details


The manifesto was found in 1380 by a group of conclave teleportation students on a field trip to the astral plane. The students were supposed to follow a strict route, using the plane forgiving magical environment for safety. One student, Uterfrik Velmori, decided to take a shortcut in order to impress his peers.   Velmori's miscalculated his navigation and ended up stranded on an uncharted floating island. Lost, and without a proper way to message his tutors, he immedietly began searching for shelter, as the course was located in close proximity to Vir. This allowed for a consistant gravitational pull, but ment every few hours the entire sector became hot enough to melt rocks.   Eventually Velmori managed to find a cave deep enough, but to his surprise the place was already inhabited. Looking for clue about the original owner, he rammaged through the makeshift camp, finding several rare alchemical ingrediants, an auto replenishing firepit and a small laboratory for rudimentry potion making. Inside of a sleeping bag, he found a collection of notes arranged in several piles, all scribed in the same Celestial language.   After rescuing Velmori in a state of near complete dihydration, his tutors returned to investigate the camp. They discovered the notes, more than 3,000 in number, where written completely in Creation, an obscured Celestial language with very little use or understanding anywhere outside of the Outer Planes. Further investigation and translation efforts linked the notes to an almost mythical figure called Zyxu, who according to the manifesto was a wizard who lived in the Prime Material Realm sometime between 15,000BC - 10,000BC and was able to cast at magnitudes greater than currently possible.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Journal, Personal
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