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Zyxu's Atbash

Zyxu's Atbash refers to two distinct spells - Zyxu's Spatial Atbash and Zyxu's Planar Atbash. These spells were invented by Zyxu, an enigmatic and possibly fictional wizard that supposedly lived as early as 10,000 BC. It allowed for translocation across a plane and to other planes respectively, in a fundamental form until he wished to reveal it or until the spell was deciphered.  

Speculated Process

The major caster picked any number of pairs, with each pair consisting of a piece from the main area and a piece from the source area.
Additionally, the major caster picked a door shaped pair. In each pair, the pieces had to be of the same size and form. This was well documented in a new and predesignated spellbook.
When the recording was done, the major caster started casting the spell and supposedly astrally projected themselves. An assitant remained in the main area, and the other travelled to each other source chosen. When both were within sight of their corresponding piece, the major caster caused each piece to trade its place with the other.   The final stage is concealing the main area, making it seem like it holds nothing unusual. Through the illusion, one could see all of the pieces taken from other locations, each in its partner's former place. The only way to enter the main area is through the door piece from the source area. The spell lasts indefinitely unless dismissed by the major caster, or until deciphered by an entity, required to touch each and every piece in the same order they were switched. There was no limit to the number of pairs that could be designated, making the deciphering process almost impossible.

Side/Secondary Effects

Though not guaranteed, the assisting casters are both at great risk of death following the completion of the spell; due to the fundamental nature of the spell and the great distances it encompasses, the process of healing either assistants is complicated and arduous. This risk is one of many difficulties in recreating the spell currently, as not many 9th level casters are willing to risk themselves to such an extant just for experimentation's sake.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
One 10th level spellcaster, two 9th level spellcasters.
Related Discipline
Transresatic Magic
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