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Creation is a Celestial language mostly used by the inhabitants of Outer Planes, specifically those that are associated with various forms of godhod, such as solars, feyborn and aasimars.

Geographical Distribution

Depending on where and how the language is spoken or written, Creation effects may be significant or non-existant. In the Outer Planes, speaking in Creation can outright manifest objects and effects from nothing as they are described in a decleration or in an exchange.   Inside of the Astral Plane the effect of speaking in creation are much more limited, and heavily subjected to restrictions of the Numidius as two come into conflict. Written or carved Creation might still manifest the desired effects while inside the Astral Plane, but their influence both outwards and inward is greatly limited.   The Material Planes themselves seem to be immume to the effects of spoken and written Creation. The few occasions of recorded cases that involved Creation in the Prime Material Realm have been performed by extremely powerful beings, such as Agustin Andor and @ dragons.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572


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