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Toge is a "baku", one of the most precise tools that Arasaka has at its disposal. The darkest possible extreme of private investigator, baku are actually more akin to traditional intelligence officers. Technically freelance but solely corporate hires in reality, the best baku enjoy the luxury of being on the largest megacorporations' permanent payrolls. Toge is one of those lucky few. Equipped with tranquilizer pistols, physical lockpicks, electronic lockpicking scripts, and "hebi" nanorobot injectors, baku work in some of the most sinister corporate interests. Master infiltrators, baku are infamous for their prowess in breaking into private residences, tranquilizing their targets, and then injecting them with their hebi, infecting their bloodstream with their nanorobots, stealing their dreams, and raping their minds in order to forcefully extract their unfortunate victims' deepest, darkest secrets, all in the name of corporate espionage. They then disappear without a trace, often leaving their victims comatose at best, and completely and irreparably delirious and insane at worst. It is rumored within the highest echelons of Arasaka's Tokyo, Japan global headquarters that Toge has recently gone rogue. His exact whereabouts are currently unknown, although it is suspected that he may have come to Night City and defected to the local branch of the Sun Yee On triad.

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