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Neural Computer

Neural computers are a brand new prototypical technology that is currently only available to the wealthiest of consumers. With them being the next step in the evolution of brain-computer interfaces, neural computers actually forego interfaces entirely, instead implanting a microchip with the full capabilities of a traditional desktop computer directly into your brain. Raven Microcybernetics is currently the sole pioneer of the emerging technology, although Arasaka also has already expressed interest in developing its own competing product. Virtually the only down sides of the technology thus far appear to be its nearly prohibitive cost, and the surgery itself. Although it is minimally invasive, even today even the most minor of surgeries still have an inherent risk associated with them. To minimize the risk of injury to its valued customers, Raven Microcybernetics generously offers all purchasees an all expenses paid voucher for any of its partnered in-network surgeons.

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