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The Biotechnica Reference Forest Site 001 is one of the most valuable and fought over stretches of land outside of Night City itself. Biotechnica has gone to great lengths to build three of these reserves across North America, as the first part of a plan to rebuild the biosphere one forest at a time, whilst also serving to revive the dying lumber industry, which is itself seeing a new revival in the face of severe materials shortages throughout the Time of the Red.   Planting and maintaining the Forests, however, is an expensive and labour-intensive task. Getting the reserves up and running in the first place took all of the combined creativity from the top minds at BT, and getting them thriving, well, that's been quite the ongoing process of scrapping and revising, as most of the science behind forestry has had to be rediscovered with the post-war state of the ecosystems being rebuilt. Not since before the corporate wars has planting a tree been as simple as just putting it in the ground. With enough help on a microstructural level, however, the forests have started growing and giving healthy yields for both science and logging. This just brought on more problems, though. Frequently the Reference Forests are attacked by hardline eco-terrorists who insist that Biotechnica are meddling with Mother Nature in an unnatural way, and hell, if you’ve seen some of the critters that live in the ‘Ar-Tees’ you’d probably be inclined to agree with them.   As it stands though the eco-terrorists are far from the only threat. Whilst the land is essentially private, owned by the corp in its entirety, Biotechnica doesn’t have the manpower to maintain the boundaries of the forest, and between the private security Biotechnica pay to be there, the eco-warriors, the corporate spies trying to sneak out samples for their employers, and the many edgerunners constantly trying to make off with some of the valuable timber or unique animal species, if a tree falls in these woods no-one around can hear it on account of the constant gunfire.

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