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Martial artists called Weavers follow a Pattern as they weave the tapestries of their own fates on a journey to power and enlightenment. Life energy flows through their spiritual veins, or Soulthread, allowing them to harness the natural aura of the world around them.   1,000 years ago, a group of powerful Weavers protected the survivors of a great cataclysm within the mountain-shielded valley now known as Sanctum Hollow. If the legends are true, this fertile land is the last bastion of mortality in a barren world of monsters and shadow.   You are all Drabs, social pariahs with no affinity for Weaving, forbidden to learn the mystical martial arts of your clan. With the 7th Moon Tournament coming up later this year, you yearn for some miracle that will allow you to show the others that you are not worthless.   One night, in your dreams, a mysterious figure gestures to a magical tree ripe with shimmering spirit fruit, a rare treasure said to possess the power to illuminate the Soulthread of even a lowly Drab. You wonder if you have found your miracle at last, and how drastically your life may change.

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Stars of the Silver River

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

When faced with a looming fate they cannot ignore, 4 former social pariahs must rise above anything they've ever known to take control of their own destinies