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SigmaX   Background   Project Sigma X was supposed to be a mindless killing machine.   So how did it become so kind?   Dr. Devilish knew that sometimes, robots would just gain personalities for some reason, but didn't know how it happened.   He knew he could get to the bottom of this. And all he had to do was disassemble his project.   Thankfully, before this could happen, Project Sigma X called the FBS and they made sure Dr. Devilish would be put away in Tartarus for a long time.   Now that he was in FBS hands, Project Sigma X (or SigmaX, his super name, because camel case is cool) joined and became the team tech expert.   Personality   For a robot who got a personality, Project Sigma X has very little personality. He's very logical and thoughtful and mostly just clacks away on computers.   Quote   “Sensors indicate I have been selected to give a quote.”   Powers   Project Sigma X has four arms, four laser pistols, and a jetpack. He also has Wi-Fi capabilities.   Appearance   Project Sigma X is a 6’0” red, four-armed robot with a triangular head and body. His single visor-like eye is yellow.

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