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Queen Bee

Queen Bee



  Heather Schmidt always loved being the center of attention. She was on the cheer squad in high school and eventually grew up to be a model. And as D-list celebrities are wont to do, she started using her fame to push her political agenda.
  Thankfully, her political agenda was being a pro-vaxxer. She was hoping to convince Spokane to roll up those sleeves and immunize themselves. To prove how awesome vaccinations can be, Heather underwent vaccination via genetically altered bee.
  It did not go well.
  As soon as Heather was injected, she started feeling dizzy. So dizzy, she didn't realize she was rapidly losing weight. What snapped her back was her skin turning yellow. Eventually, black stripes starting streaking their way across her torso, she grew wings and a stinger, and her eyes crusted over with facets. But perhaps weirdest of all, her hair twisted itself into a beehive! When the transformation was over, Heather realized she had turned into a giant humanoid bee!
  Thankfully, the transformation was only temporary, and Heather turned back to normal after two hours. However, a few weeks later, on a fashion shoot, Heather was stung by a bee and wouldn't you know it, turned into a bee again.
  As luck would have it, the FBS showed up around that time, attempting to track down a runaway alien. When they saw Heather, they immediately asked what happened and if they could help her. In the end, Heather ended up helping the FBS find the alien, and afterwards, let Heather on as Queen Bee.


  Heather comes off as self-centered and quite vain, but once you get to know her, you find out she really does care for other people. She wanted people to get vaccinated so they could save lives, now she's cutting out the middle man by directly saving lives. She still loves bragging about her status as a model and FBS member, though.


  “Hey, villains! Buzz off!”


  Whenever Heather is stung by a bee, she transforms into a humanoid bee for two hours. In her bee form, she can fly and inject people with bee venom from her foot-long stinger. Since her powers are reliant on bees, she keeps an FBS-made AntiEpiPen with her at all times, should she need to transform. The device mimics the effects of a bee sting, triggering Heather's transformation in bee-deficient environments.


  Heather is a 5'11” white woman with long black hair, blue eyes, and an hourglass build. In her bee form, she has yellow-and-black-striped skin, black compound eyes, a stinger, a more waspish build, and a foot-tall black beehive. Her costume looks like her bee skin.

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