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  Garrett Ian Joseph Parker, or Joe, as he prefers, has loved America since he was old enough to wave a flag. Born in Washington DC on the 4th of July, he learned about the presidents and the states and everything else there is to know about his great nation. Except for a few things. Specifically, the bad parts.
  In high school, Steve learned of the genocide of the American Indians, slavery, Jim Crow, Woodrow Wilson, Japanese internment camps, and all of the other ugly historical tidbits of America.
  Now, Joe could've become some leftist numpty who thinks America is a third-world country, but he didn't. He decided that if he couldn't be proud of his country, he would give himself a reason to be proud.
  Joe started working out more, took up marksmanship, and learned fighting techniques. When he was done, he wasn't G. I. Joe Parker anymore. He was Patriot.


  Joe is a patriot through thick and thin. He stands for an America better than the one we have today. An America where all men (and women) truly are equal. Unfortunately, he is also not very bright when it comes to topics that don't pertain to American greatness.


  “USA! USA!”


  Joe has a wide variety of guns, fighting techniques, and stick-to-itiveness.


  Joe is a 6'0” white guy with blue eyes and blonde hair. His costume is a blue bodysuit with a green eyepiece and a black belt with plenty of guns on it.

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