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Miss Methane

Miss Methane



  Cassandra Crawford was an intern at Building #8 of the Society for the Cataloguing Of Unusual Things. She was assigned to the Newlish Produce Division. When she got to a fruit called a stinkberry, everyone else tried it and suffered no ill effects, aside from disgust, so Cassandra downed hers. Unfortunately for her, she was later determined to have a special gene that caused her to metabolize stinkberries differently.   Specifically, she metabolized the berry in a way that produced gas. So much gas.   As soon as she swallowed her berry, Cassandra doubled over in gastrointestinal distress. After a minute of rolling around in pain, she released a plume of noxious gas from her rear. After that, Cassandra felt better. Until a minute later, when she released another huge fart. And another. And another. She tried to hold it in, but after a bit, the pain and bloating became unbearable. After a few more rank toots, Cassandra wound up on the other side of the SCOUT observation window.   After an hour, Cassandra had expelled over 70 gallons of gas, and was still going. Eventually she stopped after six hours, but SCOUT saw there were studies to be done, which Cassandra begrudgingly agreed to.   When The Federal Bureau of Superheroics received word of an obscene amount of air pollution coming from Building #8, they arrived to scientists analyzing Cassandra's gas and generally being attentive to her needs by cracking open windows and such.   While asking a few questions, the FBS was shocked when Rakshasa from The Destroyers came crashing through the roof, gasping for air. After that ordeal, Cassandra and the FBS had the same idea. The stinkberries could be used to turn Cassandra into a flatulent powerhouse of crime fighting!   After packing up a load of berries, Cassandra got her costume from the FBS and became the malodorous Miss Methane!  


  Cassandra is a focused researcher of unusual things who loves to experiment with her powers. She loves lifting others up and making villains pass out.  


  “This has been a gas so far!”  


  Whenever she eats a stinkberry, Cassandra's body produces obscene amounts of foul-smelling gas, which she can release from her rear. She can fire off up to 360 farts from a single berry, generates one fart every minute, and can hold up to three farts in her stomach at once.  


  Cassandra is a 5'10” white woman whose costume consists of a red bodysuit with a green double M design, red gas mask, and red hood and cape.

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