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  Renee Watson grew up wanting to be an astronomer. While studying astronomy in college, she got a unique opportunity to see a total eclipse. On the way to the eclipse viewing site, Renee found a wizened old man who had collapsed. Thankfully, her mom had taught her CPR and she saved the man's life.   As a token of gratitude, the man gave Renee a yin-yang necklace and told her to wear it during the eclipse. Renee complied. And she would never forget what happened next.   When the eclipse reached totality, a beam of swirling, black-and-white energy blasted Renee right in necklace and knocked her out cold.   When Renee woke in the field, she looked at herself in a fellow student's phone camera and saw her body was now jet black on the left side and pure white on the right side. She was confused and terrified! Even more confusing was that when she jumped in the air in shock, she didn't come back down. Renee then realized she could fly. Renee flew up and down and all around. She just felt so full of energy! And then she released energy blasts from her fists, a white beam of light from her white side, and a black beam of darkness from her black side.   Renee realized that with the powers of flight and energy blasts, she could be someone greater than an astronomer. She could be a superhero. And eventually, she became an FBS member.  


  Renee is a kind, caring soul. She loves helping others and believes in every other person's worth. She loves getting to save the day and blast villains into submission.  


  “It doesn't matter if you’re black or white, I'll still be able to beat you.”  


  Renee has the ability to fly and fire devastating bolts of energy from her fists. She shoots light blasts from her right side, and dark blasts from her left side. She can also illuminate or darken areas with her blasts.  


  Renee’s body is black on the left side and white on the right side. The only reversals to this are her eyes, nails, and thick, curly hair, which she keeps tied back in two small puffs. Her costume mirrors her flesh, with a black right and white left, and consists of a jumpsuit with puffy sleeves and a tutu. Also, she's 5'6”.

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