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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise


  Sabrina Castilho was born in Miami to Brazilian parents. Her mother Camila was a model, and Sabrina inherited her good looks. She thought of eventually modelling herself, but while Sabrina was in college, tragedy struck.   Camila died of breast cancer. Sabrina was only 20 and now her role model was dead. Sabrina inherited only two material possessions, a flowery dress and an amethyst amulet that came with a note. It read:   Dear Sabrina,   I'm sorry I never told you this, but now, I think I should tell you this. Back in Brazil, I was the superhero Bird of Paradise. With this amulet, you can take up my mantle and become the hero I always wanted you to be.   See you in Heaven,   Mom   P.S. Think about macaws when you put on the amulet.   When she put the amulet around her neck while thinking about macaws, Sabrina's body began to morph. When the morphing was done, Sabrina saw she had turned into a macaw! Thankfully, thinking about humans turned her back. But after doing some research, Sabrina learned about her mother's powers, and put on her costume to take to the skies and protect her college. After being noticed by the news, the FBS hired her and she became the Brazilian beauty Bird of Paradise.


  Sabrina is sweet, caring, and always willing to help. Despite her grace and femininity, Sabrina has the soul of a fighter and won't let anyone bring her down.


  “I'll get a bird's eye view for you.”


  Sabrina can turn into a macaw. That's pretty much it.


  Sabrina is 5'10” Latina with medium brown skin, brown eyes, and thick black curls which she dyes blue and keeps styled in a large afro with a single yellow hairclip. Her costume is a flowery pink, red, and yellow dress. In her macaw form, her head and wings are blue, as well as all but one feather in her poofy crest (the last one is yellow). Her body is covered in pink, red, and yellow feathers.

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