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Therianthropy Vaccine

Written by orphidor

Similarly to the rabies vaccine, the vaccine for therianthropy must be administered swiftly after a person receives a bite from a therianthrope in order to avoid contracting the condition. If a person waits more than a few days, the therianthrope conversion process has already begun and successful treatment is far less likely. The process is painful and drawn-out, since it requires several doses, but many people consider it better than the disruptions to their ordinary life that turning into a therianthrope would cause.


A few years after the World Health Organization created an immunization development program in 1974, the initial version of the therianthropy vaccine was invented and put into use. It was initially intended to prevent lycanthropy, but people quickly realized that it worked against other strains of the condition, too. The vaccine went through several revisions to make it safer and more effective over the decades since it was first created.


Though some people are happy to live as therianthropes, many are not. This vaccine allows those who do not wish to adjust to the life-changing symptoms to continue their normal routines (with the exception of the initial vaccination process.)
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Creation Date
1979 CE
Related Condition
Most hospitals have doses in stock, but they rarely need to be used.

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