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Siren's Call Inn

The Siren's Call Inn is, first and foremost, a tavern. From the outside it appears as a 3-storey, square building composed of wooden beams and rough hewn stone, however, when you step across the threshold, everything changes, the shapely square exterior becomes a massive round hall, the roof cannot be seen, the 3-storey building becomes the interior of an enormous tree, sporting an elegant staircase spiralling up both sides of it, upwards into the darkness, nobody knows how many floors it actually has, save for the landlord, a rather flamboyant fellow going by the name of Gerald Brandon.   The Siren's Call Inn, also hosts the Adventurer's Guild of Nethermoon, a public guild that has a secret nature.   Inside the tavern, a round hearth, open on all sides, burns with green flames that produce the most mesmerising tones, even the resident bard has trouble staying away from it.   As if by magic, plates of food, and mugs of drink fly across the room. To the untrained eye this would be a seemingly impossible feat, but, to those in the know, they're aware it is all made possible with the help of wayward fey creatures who escaped the wars.   The tavern also sports a hidden underground basement, which provides a meeting places for one of Nethermoon's most secret factions, The Keeper's of the Secret. Sure, the patrons of the tavern may sometimes notices hooded figures vanish through the back of the tavern, but Gerald assures them they were probably just imagining things, thus keeping the faction a secret to anybody who has not been invited.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose of the Siren's Call Inn, originally known as The Wayfinder, was for it to be a guild house, primarily used by the Adventurer's Guild, however, as the guild became spread far and wide across Nethermoon they no longer needed such a large amount of space, so they had it converted into the tavern and renamed it the Siren's Call Inn, and appointed one of their number as the proprietor, one Gerald Brandon.


The exterior of the building has remained the same throughout the entire life of the tavern, however the inside has undergone a major change since its days of being used as a guild house.   When it was first built the interior looked exactly as you would expect after looking at the exterior, nowadays the interior is enchanted, and is in the shape of an ancient oak tree, vanishing into darkness, spiral staircases wrap upwards into darkness, at least 20 floors up.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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