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4/36 Lik-wekibo, 11940 KO

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Deep in a quiet corner of the universe, there exists a gas giant known by the locals as Nestorth. It is one which has the rare quality of harboring life on its moons. Among these small planets include:  
  • CROWIKA, a planet characterized by its vast, wild landscapes, and thriving multi-national political system. It is inhabited by a race known as the Aixonees. Accustomed to the caliginous, fragile ecosystems of Crowika, many nations are extremely concerned with the environmental well-being, often to the extent of neglecting other global concerns. One of the Aixonees' most defining physical traits is their ability to form bio-symbiotic bonds with large, snakelike amphibians known as Fielkus.
  • BOAPHUS, a planet characterized by its consistent themes of duality, staggeringly high air temperatures ranging between 30-70 degrees Celsius, and its natural landscape dotted with colossal structures composed of crystalline bismuth. This abundance of a normally uncommon element remains unexplained. It contains two sentient species, the Dyadii and the Kotita, both classified as planetwide hiveminds.   The Dyadii are incredibly powerful Psionic Tuners, and are widely regarded as a dangerously destructive force. Their politics are reminiscent of anarchism, having no central authority. Unlike the Kotita, the Dyadii are unable to communicate complex thoughts and ideas between each other, being limited to binary input that will decide whether a certain member of their species should die. If the group opts to off one of their own, it will be done via Ѱ-EXE (PSI-Executable). The Dyadii are native to the Far Northern Hemisphere of Boaphus.   On the South Pole of the same planet exists another hivemind, who call themselves the Kotita. Each Kotita has their thoughts, feelings and ideas shared with one another over a Psionic medium, giving them vastly improved abilities to share thoughts. This, combined with their sentient nature, make the Kotita the most technologically advanced civilization in the Nestorth system. This shared system of minds, however, leaves little to no room for privacy, individuality, or rebelliousness.
  • GARVISIA, the furthest moon from Nestorth, as well as the least hospitable. It is characterized by its vast landscapes of soot and rocks, extremely thin atmosphere, and seemingly contradictory presence of celestial organisms. Among the most prevalent of these beings are the Kuskens, a mysterious race of unfathomably potent Psionic Tuners. Kuskens are composed of a dodecahedral "head" with an average diameter of 120 meters, from which stems hundreds of tentacles. Kuskens' psionic abilities are far beyond what any Aixonees or Dyadii could hope to achieve, being known to shatter the minds of anyone unfortunate enough to approach these colossal beasts.