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Neoterra and the Moonisphere

Year of the Chameleon

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Neoterra is Earth, in the next millenia, 3000. The Moonisphere is what everyone calls outer space, the galaxy, basically.   Neoterra and the Moonisphere is a highly advanced utopia where there is world tolerance and everyone is working towards one goal: the betterment of humankind for the future generations.   The first story that takes place in this world is currently called Mangos, a sci-fi-solarpunk-murder-mystery that takes place on the AES Mangos. The first draft has been written.    The second story that takes place in this world is actually going to be a video game, a sci-fi-horror-survival-mystery that takes place on the XS Aveolate. The story is currently being written and the coding is not started yet.   More stories are planned to happen, because the author has no self-control, and because this world is awesome.   **NOTE: This world is always being worked on. It's not perfect and will probably be a WIP for quite a while.**

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