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Bernschwein Family

The Bernschwein Family rules over the province Bernschwein from Bernschwein Castle. The Bernschweins have a sinister connection to an evil deity that longs for human blood in trade for power an wealth.

Family Members

(Count) Erik von Bernschwein

Erik is the current count of Bernschwein.

Motivations and Personality

His father has shown him the way to contact the evil deity, which is simply addressed as "Dearest Father" by the Bernschweins. Erik believes he is doing the only thing he can do to protect his families integrity by offering his civilians to his god. He's quite narcissistic and believes he's the smartest man to roam the kingdom. He's quite cocky and often gets rid of guards that are getting too suspicious of his actions. He does this quite calmly and reserved by secretly contacting mercenaries outside his castle to take care of it. He tips them generously with the money he gains from his god.   Erik treasures his family and would rather see them locked away from the outside world than taken away by bandits and the likes, so he doesn't allow them to go outside the castle.   Erik is pretty racist against Dwarfs. He lost his father to dwarfs, due to a massive cave in under the castle 20 years ago, and has since then cast all of them out his province. He truly believes all Dwarfs are evil scheming hobgoblins that do nothing but try to overtake him with their mining of resources and creating of trinkets. Most of the surface-dwelling dwarfs have perished, moved to caves or simply moved out of the province.   He is very insecure about his balding scalp and hides it by wearing a crown.   Erik is being manipulated by an ancient evil. The The olden one.  

Jasmine von Bernschwein

Erik's wife and right hand.  

Motivations and Personality

Jasmine loves Erik and fully accepts the way he rules Bernschwein. Erik saved her as a young boy. She was very ill and was often bullied for it. Erik ended up saving her by torturing and sacrificing a bully to his god and granting Jasmine new life.   Jasmine is nothing but grateful and devotes her life to Erik.  

Penelope von Bernschwein

Erik's and Jasmine's daughter.

Motivations and Personality

Sick of being stuck in the castle she wants to get out of there, this instant. She knows something suspicious is going on in Bernschwein Castle and wants to do something about it. Even if it means standing up against her father. Maybe one day she will run away from home and stumble into a couple of adventurers... who knows.   Penelope loves stories about heroes and people that stand up for the weak. Something that she has always missed from her home. It's always about power and gaining more of it. So annoying! Ugh...   She's the kinda gal that would give a homeless man a coat or a meal instead of a coin. She absolutely adores animals and isn't unhandy with a bow. Not racist to dwarfs, unlike her father.  


The Bernschwein family has run over this province for a long long time. They got all this power due to deals made with an evil entity; which they see as their god. Their god makes them sacrifice the lives of the inhabitants of Bernschwein to get wealth and power.   If the Bernschweins wouldn't have this power, they never would have been able to reign the province like this.

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