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Naveen is a world ruled only by tyrants, where the PCs will struggle to liberate different towns, and kingdoms, by helping a few peasants, or questing for a noble.   Built for my D&D campaign, the Lands of Naveen are broad and diverse, but also dangerous. Few dare to live outside of cities, and those who do often disappear in the night. But even inside of the great walls of fortresses, blood is often spilled. Treason, murder, conflicts of interest, or just madness, are normal things in the corridor of the castles, and bar-fights are common in every taverns. Magic is also common, in tavern basements and in palaces.   Naveen is composed of the Old World, where the action takes place, and the New World, still mainly unexplored and populated of many strange things. But for now, the attention is on the Old World. 12 Years after the Fall of Pitis, in the beginning of a new era, a group of adventurers start a journey that might change the face of this world. If they survive the many dangers they will need to face.

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