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Quamone 9th, 554

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A world without magic:   It was the dawn of the new age, the world was calm, all who remembered had been forgotten and those who forgot remained. Humanity had finally been saved, or so they thought. The price was ignorance. Hidden is the key to reality, and the key to freedom, we shall remain slaves, until a saviour comes.   We find ourselves in New Verunia, a colony nation off the east cost of the great ocean. Humans are the prominent race, and with the abolishment of halfling slavery, and the technological advances of the young nation, the nation appears to be a safe and growing place to be; however there are some mysterious signals otherwise.   SENTENCE:   Gaemore wants the return of magic to Nalyth and will build an army of all the refugees — whether good or evil — from the cleanse and do whatever it takes to bring back what he once knew before the faint magic that allows him to live fades away.   Lord Saxton wants to rule all of New Verunia and the whole new world and expand that kingdom and must kill the king to do so, he will gather allies and corrupt the royalty in Warden and eventually Ignai so he may have a formidable army to take over the kingdom.   Bazarous, a cleric of the dark gods, has kept magic underground by deeply brainwashing society and much of the government. He wants to ensure that secrecy is retained so he may summon a Balrog onto this plane unsuspected and use it to destroy the essences of magic and the remaining elves once and for all.   THEME:   Morality is relative, as are experiences, one may only live by what they know.   True evil doesn’t exist for every evil act is only a means toward one individual’s “greater good”

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