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Myths of New Pax


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The year is 2520, 5 years ago, the Rebellion destroyed Mars, in turn ending the Empire of New Mars. For three hundred years, the Old Empire reigned supreme as the sole galactic superpower after destroying Earth, erasing its cultural and history from the records, those myths, legends, and stories fading to whispers.   After the destruction, five different galactic superpowers rose up, each claiming a chunk of the galaxy for themselves. There exists a tentative peace for the time being, and as a symbol of that peace, have made the most populous planet in the galaxy, Porrox Prime, into neutral territory and rename it New Pax.   You guys are gangsters on this planet, working for a gang called the Kin. Specifically, you guys are auxilliary forces, working under a boss named Red Iva. You've never seen her in person, but she pays you all very well