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...In a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea.
— Plato, 360 B.C.
Atlantis is a bristling underwater city that is reigned by Kheros the Father of the Sea.


The city is mostly populated by Triton, though some Sea Elves are also to be found among the citizens. Social status is largely depended on the service an individual can provide for the greater good of society. Though this is based on the competences of the person, if one is not able to provide, he will be taken care of and not shunned. Goods are provided by society as a whole for everyone and thus everyday goods do not cost anyone anything and more precious goods are traded amongst each other.


Atlantis is governed by the Father of the Sea and a military council. A second ruling and controling power is the Cult of Poseidon. The military takes care of the defenses and the interactions with outsiders, the cult governs over the social aspects of everyday life of the citizens. The Father is the last deciding instance on all major decisions.


Atlantis has a standing army - The Protectors- of highly trained atlanteans between the ages of 35-60. On top of that Atlantis is surrounded by magical defences, that block anyone and anything from entering, without permission.

Industry & Trade

Atlantis mostly traits withother underwater cities. It´s main goods are pearl, weaponry and armoury. They have skilled artists and smiths who work magical items and beautiful armour, jewlerry and weapons, that rival Hephaistos´ work.


Since the city is underneath the sea, most citizens use either carriages drawn by fish or other sea animals, or simply swim. All of this occurs above the city, so streets aren´t necessary. Long-distance travel is usually done via carriage or whale.


All of the stores, guildes and other non-habitual-buildings are in the outer rim. You can find basically anything in the outer rim, from market to jewler and theater

Guilds and Factions

The most influencial factions in Atlantis are The Protectors, Λατρεία του Τρίτωνα - Cult of Triton and The Forge, together with the council and the Father of the Sea they rule and protect Atlantis and its citizens.


Atlantis used to be the pride of humankind, the largest and most glorious of all city, housing almost half a million humans and other creatures of the land. The city sat upon an island in the middle of the Ägais and thus should have been under Poseidons rule, but the citizen grew proud, still remembering the golden age of men under the rule of the Titans and dismissing the new gods. This drew the wrath of those new gods and Zeus let thunder and lightning rain down on the city while Poseidon shook the earth and let his creature draw the island down to the bottom of the sea, drowning every living creature on there. Centuries passed while this city turned to legend among the land creatures and slowly Tritons and other creatures of the sea populated the ruins of the city and repopulated it to it´s current glory, mostly undetected by every living thing above the surface.


The city is mostly kept in the tones of the ocean to blend into it´s surroundings. The Atlantenteans mostly used the structures that were already there and fixed them up or  added to them.


  • Atlantis - City Map
    This is the city of Atlantis in the middle of The Agäis.
Founding Date
Of the city above the ocean: During the Golden Age of Men; As the Capital of the Triton Empire:
Alternative Name(s)
The lost city
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym


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