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The Golden Pearl

In the coastal city of Lasravun, there are many dives for the sailors and dockhands to explore. Seedy taverns, dingy drink bars and rambunctious brothels. Those looking for a higher class of dining, however, can find no better locale than the actual jewel of the city; The Golden Pearl.   This glass construct hangs off the end of the pier, submerging the dome structure into the sea for an unforgettable experience. Named for the golden glow caused by the enchanted glass at night, the Golden Pearl prides itself on it's classy staff, intimate atmosphere and rare deep sea delicacies. The multiple floors offer many options for customers on their desired experience; seating exists at the surface of the ocean allowing for a gorgeous and romantic view of the setting sun, or for the more daring on can reserve the deep seating, 40 feet below the waves and see the wonderful creatures who are drawn to the glow of the Pearl.   Built during the Fifth Age, the Pearl is a reflection of the times; enchantment running through every inch of the pristine structure to reinforce it against the tide and to ensure the proper mood for it's clientele. Even after centuries of wear and tear it looks as shiny as the day the last glass pane was installed. Originally built by a family of gnomes, it has since passed hands many times through business deals and debts. Currently it is in the hands of a young wood elf named Erien Parthex, the head of a lucrative fishing business. Parthex came to inherit both businesses after the suspect disappearance of his father, Ellend Parthex. Although brash and full of ego, Parthex the younger is a shrewd business man and is sure to keep both businesses at the top of their respective trades. He can almost always be found attending his circle of contacts in the middle table of the bottom floor, unless he is out with one of his ships on a trip.    Those who approach the Golden Pearl will be greeted by an interesting contrast; while one can see the glass dome of the main body of the restaurant long before arriving at the location, the front of the building is a low ceilinged, unassuming wooden frame. While not as grand as the rest of the structure, the front is made of fine materials, colored glass fills the front windows and seasoned imported wood stained with rich lacquer support a silk awning. A large sign, painted with an oyster sporting a deep yellow pearl in its velvety maw, sits atop the building, illuminated by dancing lights that hover just below the gold embossed lettering. Upon entering the establishment on is greeted by well dressed staff, taking coats and valeting rides as appropriate, while the reservations are sorted. Once the guest is properly checked in, they are told where their respective seating arrangements are, but are given leave to explore the building to their leisure, provided they do their best to avoid disturbing other diners. Many will take the opportunity to take a walk along one of the many floors to enjoy the outside view, or maybe just admire the décor of wrought iron woven around the interior. Gentle music comes from the entrance where a band plays gentle stinged instruments, magically enhanced to weave throughout the tavern's interior.    Once seated, a guest is approached by the serving staff, offered a choice of today's freshest catch and specially imported spirits, each paired together in an effort to make a truly delightful experience for the palette. There are also house specialties of rich vegetable soups, well cooked steaks and fresh salads for the side dish. For those wanting more than a simple wine or whiskey the house has specialty cocktails, the most famous of which is a blend of Ledra Karnen Sherry, Kehrunian Gin and Fresh sea water, garnished with sea weed, yielding a refreshing, if somewhat bitter, experience for the drinker.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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