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Rivai'uma (river-e-oo(as in room)-mar)

Basic Information


Rivai'uma looked almost identical to modern day humans with only a few differences, chief among them being their eyes. Rivai'uma have deep, abyss black, eyes speckled with twinkling lights like the night sky. Their irises differ based on the environment they grew up in, but they also change color to reflect the power they are using. Physically they are about a 3rd as big as the healthiest human and are always in perfect form (due to being babied by the universe, very little need for food these ones).

They are the perfect carriers of aethos , so, besides a change in eye color, they do not exhibit any other signs when they use their extraordinary gifts.

Growth Rate & Stages

Appearance wise Rivai'uma age slightly slower than modern-day humans, but the actual stages of growth differ greatly.

Lasts up to 12 magdo'gaa months
Lasts up to the point they utter their first rivak, from then on they are malh'i riva, masters of origin.
Basically childhood through to puberty, it is the time in their lives when they are most curious and, thereby, the time they experience the most rapid growth in their rival. It lasts for up to 30 years, with it passing only when they are in their early thirties in most cases.
Length indeterminable, It lasts for as long as the Rivai'uma (malh'iin this case), stays in active pursuit of new rivak. It only ends when they decide to settle somewhere and study what they have realized through all their years.

NOTE: All Rivai'uma have their children during the adulthood phase of their lives, as it is considered part of the rivak learning path commonly followed by the populace up to a certain point.

Middle ages
As soon as Rivai'uma decide to go into research mode, the aethos that supports their bodies thins out and only leaves enough to boost their mental faculties, enhancing their research capabilities. As a result, their age begins to show, wrinkles start to settle in and theirs a bit of sag on their skin though, physically, they are still as strong as ever if not more.

This is the last recorded stage in the growth of Rivai'uma. Not a single one of them reached their senior years, whilst some say it was physically impossible for them to age to that stage (owing to their more than enviable relationship with everything aethos), others say that if not for the mass genocide that was their extinction they would have reached it eventually.

With their extinction being a bygone conclusion, we will never know

Ecology and Habitats

Rivai'uma came into existence in every realm that could support life (i.e every habitable planet). They are incredibly diverse and are found in almost every biome, obviously, there are different races each with a uniqueness gained from their place of origin.

Rivai'uma never really settled, I mean, yes they did build these trade center-like thingies where they shared knowledge with each other but it wasn't really a permanent home or settlement. These places were oft built around the house of a malh'i in their middle-ages. This was because these dudes would sometimes share pearls of wisdom with the younger folks when they weren't too busy with their work. Now, this is not to say that had any position of power in these settlements of sorts, far from it, they were only afforded the respect they were due by those who hungered for their knowledge, after that the young malh'i would move on looking for newer experiences.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All Rivai'uma are predisposed to sensing, what is later termed as, aethos, it speaks to them sort of like a fifth sense or whispering voice only more instinctual. This is how they can give the same name to, let's say, fire even when separated by myriads of realms, essentially, the universe speaks to them and makes them realize the rivak word associated with the thing they are curious about.

Obviously the deeper their connection with said thing the more they can realize about it and the deeper their knowledge of rivak becomes, meaning they can sense more things and more rivak, and the circle continues turning into somewhat of an obsession. That's without even considering the sheer power wielding rivak gives these folks.

Scientific Name
Aekt riva (origin specie)
Created from aethos
Nigh infinite

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