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Chainbearer's Decree of Peace

By the 1470's, tens of thousands of the gruakhai people had been enslaved and transported to Mundus Minor to work in the lumber camps and shipyards of the humans who made their home there, the so-called Western folk.   In 1478, after decades of resistance and unsuccessful attempts to break out of their bonds, the opportunity finally presented itself. Several successful slave revolts incited a revolutionary spirit across the north, and the revolts quickly escalated into a full-blown war against the slave-masters. As the gruakhai marched south, they found themselves with a dilemma. What to do with the folk who lived in the lands and towns the gruakhai had cleared and built with their unwilling labor?   Despite very vocal outcries of injustice, the chief of chiefs, Chainbearer Hragom and his council decided on an approach of reconciliation. He issued his now famous decree to all the people of Mundus Minor:  
To the people of Mundus Minor,   The gruakhai will no longer be slaves. My people in the north have shed the chains that were unjustly placed on them, as will all of our kin as we march south to free them of their bonds. We, the ganeruru, will take that is rightfully ours, the fields watered with our blood and tears, and the cities which have grown fat on our misery.   But know this, wicked men of the west: We are not the bloodthirsty animals you treat us as. Stay, and you will be judged according to your sins, and given a chance to make right what you have done wrong. Or leave, unburdened by the riches we have wrought you. No heads will roll, and no unnecessary blood will be shed if you agree with these terms.   To all others: We come to you in peace. Our people have seen enough conflict, and wish to have none with you. We invite you to our tables, to share what little we have, to speak of the laws of our land, so that we may be good neighbors to each other.   So says the Chief of Chiefs,
Chainbearer Hragom

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