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The Wreckage of the Freyos

Once a trading ship that sailed to all corners of Dragon's Crater, now a wreckage used by the small amount of people near Cliffguard Creek.   The ship is 70 by 40 feet, and is in no condition for sailing. Most of the contents have been looted, but local says of a chest hanging next to the briny anchor. no one actually tries it though, as it's deep beneath sand and dangerous in the lowest waters of the creek.   A log has been found telling the story of a survivor from the ship. (Days 1-11 Missing) Day 12: We've been sailing on board this ship for a while now, we're currently sailing off to Comeros Harbor, for picking up supplies and trading with the people. I wonder what the tortles there are like.   Day 14: (13 was ripped out, as it is bad luck to write on the 13th day, on a ship.) Today we entered the harbor, and it was a good trade day, they gave up some dyes, we handed them wines. There were no tortle friends, but the humans are very considerate, and nice. When we entered the harbor, there was a huge bronze statue, of their god, right in town square. I think his name was Ymoradi. He had a turban on his head, some armor, and his beard was made of lightning, he held a scepter emitting something. (This something was relating to lightning sparks from the scepter, the sculpter stated) (Days 14-21 are missing) Day 22: I'm writing this among several bodies. I don't know if anyone survived the storm, but I'm going to try and fix it into the nearby creek.   Day 23: I'm alone, but at least I got the ship fixed into the creek sid (Log shows several bite marks. Survivor presumed dead.) (Log Ends)
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