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Song of Winter Souls

Run, Run, Run child of man, The hour of the we'tigo is soon at hand
Keep from their sights, keep from their minds
For those, it thinks of is its meal in due time.   Flee, Flee, Flee little one, the hunt of the wittika has now begun
They seek out the flesh, they eat all the bones
The famine begins, as we lose people and homes.   Seek, Seek, Seek havens now, careful of wi’ntsigo hidden about
They trick our tribes, consume them inside
We fall victim to cannibals, as in our midst they arise.   Hide, Hide, Hide youth of ours, the cold winter night gnaws like kewok at your hands.
Your muscles all burn, as you tire and weaken
You hunger along with your following sibling.   Eat, Eat, Eat fallen man, the hunger consumes you, waning thoughts to action
Your breath heats the air, your flesh starts to change
Wetiko has seen you, his spirits are arranged.   Chase, Chase, Chase Wendigo, consume for the First, till Last Winter is all we know.  


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