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Mortal Sin

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Anonymity is a luxury in the post modern world. In 2053 your personal data and information is worth more on the market than your own weight in gold. Private companies and corporations will take any means to secure your personal info where they may then pawn it off to advertising agencies who in turn secure such valuables within complex data farms. Such endeavours are government approved such as international corporation INvite's worldwide installation of ISOS (International Security Operating System) infrastructure - a mass offence against human rights and general privacy. Citizens of the United States and beyond are required to have government-sanctioned chips installed within their bodies carrying all of their data, analytics and personal information readily accessible to authorities bearing appropriate equipment or hackers with as little as intermediate skill. Ensuring the correct means of net safety is highly difficult given the many loopholes and exploits in a world where your online safety is posed the same risks as your physical.