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Mori is a fantastical world with spells and life energy capable of incredible things. Due to that, even humans and dogs might not fully be like the ones we know. Expect everything, from humans that breath thunder to elephants that make castles fall.   You’ll find bright lights in the sky as if they were the eyes of gods paying attention on your every move, and things hidden deep in the ocean you hope are not. You’ll hear about trees big beyond belief, where volcanoes once were mere sparks to them, and you’ll walk through cold mountains even titans dared not enter.   More importantly, beyond all the fears and chaos, it would be foolish of one to think that you could not find peace. Fields where endless grains sprout, and the warmth of a bonfire almost heats the people around them as much as their love for each other. There may be greed and blood and pain, but one does not give up looking for what one doesn’t know where to find, or might not even know one needs.   Lone souls, old souls, and souls in love, to rain, they’re all the same, but deep inside their eyes you can find the uniqueness in them, and a sense of wonder… as they wander learning to cherish what is precious to them. Be it the King of the monsters or the panhandler that just got a coin, a couple seconds after he just gave up on life.   I hope you not to see them as I do, but mayhap as they see themselves. I hope you hear their secrets when they trust them to you, and I hope you find something in this world I forged, something you didn’t know you were looking for.