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Dromdorry is a Krachi frontier town in the Viscera whose entire economy revolves around the tedious, time-consuming production of gromril, the most potent and coveted metal in Morgrave.


Dromdorry is located in the Viscera, a relatively small part of the greater Krut-y-Bann - the tropical rainforest that covers the entirety of southwestern Krag-a-Krach. The Viscera itself comprises the southwestern portion of the jungle and is characterized by blood red flora. From this coloration comes its name: the many blood red vines hanging in this steaming hot jungle reminded early explorers of intestines, freshly eviscerated from some great beast. The coloration is caused by oxidized gromril which has been absorbed by the roots of the plants.   This distinct hue surrounds Dromdorry and gives the town a distinct atmosphere; visitors report that it feels like an alien planet, while locals contest that it becomes normal soon enough. "Green plants, red plants... what's the difference, really?" they say.

Town Layout

Thanks to its location at the mouth of the Whiskey Water, Dromdorry has an excellent source of fresh water and a direct route to the Krachi capital, Cair Bolun, which lies much further upstream on the same river. The Whiskey Water empties out to the south of the Cauldron, which is the only body of water in Morgrave even remotely safe to sail in. At a transitionary point between the Cauldron and the Southern Seas, Dromdorry is a somewhat decent area to have a saltwater port. Dromdorry does have a medium sized saltwater port, yet many of the boats it makes are used solely in the river, to bring Gromril from Dromdorry to Cair Bolun - it has been deemed far too dangerous to risk such a precious commodity in the sea... what with all the monsters and pirates.   The town boasts a decent sized population, and it's growing steadily. Dromdorry offers a fair price for hard-working, enterprising individuals who want to get into the pulping business. The main industrial area is in the center of town near the docks. Houses sprung up around the center in a radiating circle, until there were more workers than could work the machines in the center. Then, many smaller industrial clusters sprang up near the edges of the town and more houses sprang up around those... and so on and so forth.

Founding and Industry

It was a glorious day for the Krachi when they discovered the secret Gromril located in the Viscera. Almost immediately upon discovery, settlers were sent out to found a town. They headed down the Whiskey Water until they hit the ocean and settled a new town. Production at first was slow, but in the several hundred years since its founding, the art of removing gromril from plants has come a long way. This process is called 'pulping' and pulping is Dromdorry's only real industry. Sure some people do some coastal fishing, but that's a hobby for most, not a livelihood. And the sea is too dangerous to go out far.   Dromdorry makes enough money to be able to import more than enough food to feed itself, but an interesting side industry has sprung up that doesn't compete with the land required for its main industry. You see, the only way to extract the gromril is to first allow the plants to suck it up through their roots - it can't be extracted straight from the ground as it's found in too fine a powder for any sieve. So the Dromdorrians have to replant trees to absorb it - this means no room for farms - but any tree will do. Dromdorrians have replanted every tree as a banana tree. This produces blood red, gromril-infused bananas, which are easy to pulp and therefore more efficient. But these gromril bananas are also a bit of a commodity. The extremely rich in the world want to eat gromril - they claim it has a different taste, but really they just want a new way to show off how rich they are. So, along with actual, usable gromril, the Dromdorrians also export gromril bananas... a rare treat for the one percenters of Morgrave.


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