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A Year of Haunting

Created by

Editorial Team

1908, Morgansborough, North Carolina.   Powerful wizards locked into mad searches for ancient power, cleverly disguised in modernity and mundane duties. Ancient Fae-folk hidden in the mysterious forest of Lynville Gorge ... selling magical trinkets, conniving, scheming, and tricking unaware humans into their Fae ways. The city exudes ugly, hypocritical, back-stabbing, manipulating, power-hungry, greedy, and selfish creatures like no other.   Get ready, assholes. Shit just got weird.   Welcome, my dear friends, to a world frightfully made on the back of true (and near true) local history. Morgansborough is complete with Vampyre clans, Lycan packs, ancient Fae mysteries, wizards, oracles, spectres, and ... who the f!%$ knows!   Think "Underworld meets the Wild West, and had an affair with a Steampunk hell-spawn" kind of vibe. It's dirty, gritty, and a little familiar.