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Orcus (pronounced OHR-kuhs) is the demon lord of the undead and those who practice vile necromancy, but is also associated with the sin of wrath. He is a major object of worship throughout the Material Plane, yet has a relatively small following on Golarion. As the demon lord of necromancy, Orcus seems to call more to those who have chosen undeath freely, rather than those who acquired it by accident.   Favored Weapons: Ornamental heavy mace (spiked or skull-tipped)

Divine Domains

Chaos, Death, Evil, Magic, Demon, Divine, Murder, Undead

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Four-horned goat head


Day of the Dead (Late Fall), Nights of blood red and horned moons. Worship usually involves grave robbery and the animation and conscription of the newly dead to the forces of evil.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Orcus has a fearsome appearance, though he certainly looks more human than some of the other demon lords like Dagon and Zevgavizeb. Orcus takes the shape of a fat humanoid with the head and cloven feet of a demonic ram, the wings of a an enormous bat, and a tail ending in a stinger. Orcus wields his infamous heavy mace called the Wand of Orcus.

Divine Classification
Demon Lord

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