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It's a world on the opposite side of the sun. It's people: advanced to the point where they can manipulate the math of Terrans. Two dominant forces rule inside the Great Wall: Mothena and the Council who work for the good of the entire planet and Mokena, Mothena's evil twin seeking to overtake the entire world and Earth besides. There are many races on this planet: the Smallers(the different people scattered across the Great Continent), the Egregious Arthropods, and finally the Giants. They each live in different parts of the planet most suited to their abilities. There are a special group of winged people, randomly showing up among the Smallers, that have powers(ranging from elemental to minor) gifted to them from Aryeh and this group is called the Lost Children. The Great Continent covers most of the northern hemisphere of Monazetha, consisting of the large Beryl Sea, mountains, the largest forests that side of the sun, and Ice and Fire Regions, and the Timeless Lands. The Great Continent is ringed about by the large and sturdy Great Wall minus a forest ruled by the faeries on the eastern side of the Great Continent. The Great Wall was built to protect the Smallers(minus the faeries, they seemed capable enough) from the greater world, but some have argued the Wall was built to protect the greater world from the Smallers. The Insect archipelago and the Giant's domain are the other two main features on the surface of the planet. The fairies live just outside the Wall east of the Beryl sea. On the west side, closest to Mockta, evil oozes from the land and is consumes by giant flies from the insect archipelago. The ocean is named after the first lady, Yapha's Deep.

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