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The Riddler Box

Take a riddler box, and throw it like a pokeball. Let it bounce and when it settles, wait for 2 green lights in quick succession. Then go stand near it, if you are stick on something you will get the answer of it in the form of a hologram. If it 2 red lights blink in quick succession, it means you have the answer already. If it blinks green only once, it means the solution to the problem is under 100 meters away. It works 5 times then it has finished its power. To refill, all you need is a twig and a green apple. Put the green apple in the box, and shoot the twig at its lock from a 100 cm away and Voila! you have refilled it. Remember, after each 10 refills, you will get a special quest from the box which will upgrade you. It also has a lock, which is a riddle. If the owner opens it, nothing happens but if somebody else does then it asks the riddle. Tell the right answer and teleport to the owner. Give the wrong one and prepare for the wrath of the kraken or the basilisk!

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When it is thrown, the knowledge of The goddess Athena is reawoken, so the owner can use it for a maximum 10 minutes. The green apple is used for signalling. The twig is used to fuse the signalling of the apple to the wisdom so that the box can be used.


It was first created by Athena but it was passed down to humans. It was first recorded by the Indians in 3300 BCE which became the reason they were so advanced. Then it was called the Paheli Kapati but then with thrade started during the colonial period it was passed down to the mountain sages in the himalayas. But then Athena scattered all the 200 boxes which spawned each year to random locations.


It holds significance as it hold answers to all human miseries and problems. If it is used the seven evils released from the Pandora Box can be destroyed.
Creation Date
When olympus started to form.
Destruction Date
when all the seven evils of the Pandora Box will be destroyed.
Can only be found during winters in areas near the bermuda triangle and mariana trench. But it is also found in the himalayas or inside Mount fuji during the week of summer solistice.
3 Kg
16*12 metres
Base Price
a twig and an apple.

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