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UZMD Flamecore

Tell us about a famous wreckage in your world. What happened to it?   The UZMD Flamecore was a destroyer that operated many times during the Interplanetary War. She was a hybrid ship, with an air and space mode built into it. She was sunk in 2095, just one year before the war ended.   The Flamecore was commissioned by the UZM Navy from 2088 to 2090, built by Octavian Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Skydeck Steel Works, and Tropicoast Naval Shipyard. The Flamecore was a minor redesign of the previous ship in its family, the UZMD Cannoncore, for greater fuel capacity, and was the last pre-Interplanetary War class of flush deck destroyers to be built for the United Zones of Mobius. UZMD Flamecore was one of the largest of the Core Class of destroyers.   As finally built, the Flamecore would be a fairly straightforward expansion of the Cannoncore. While the Cannoncore had given good service there was a desire to build a ship more tailored towards the anti-submarine role, and as such several design studies were completed, mainly about increasing the ship's range. These designs included a reduction in speed to between 26–28 knots (48–52 km/h; 30–32 mph) by eliminating two boilers, freeing up displacement for depth charges and more fuel. Upgrading the gun armament from 4-inch (102 mm) to 5-inch (127 mm) guns were also considered, but only five ships of the Core Class were armed with 5-inch guns. In addition, the tapered stern of the Flamecore allowed for a larger turning radius. A correction to this defect was sought out, but never put into action.   The UZMD Flamecore was sunk while operating on Anti-Mobius. She was ambushed by heavy fire from an unknown point northwest of her current position, and the crew could not deal with the damage she sustained. Almost all of the upper portion of the ship was on fire, and she had gained a list of 130 degrees. The Captain ordered an abandon ship, and as such, lifeboats were deployed. Unfortunately, only half of the available lifeboats were usable due to the other half being on the listing side of the ship. 38 of the 400 crewmembers perished in the sinking. The ship herself sank below the surface of the water not too long after being hit, and she was found two years later on the bottom of the ocean. Her hull was split into two pieces; the bow part being in pretty good condition, and the stern being almost unrecognizable.   At the end of the war, the Anti-Mobian government decided to do Mobius a solid and salvage the wrecks of all lost Mobian ships and return them to their home planet. This operation included the Flamecore. She was hoisted off the ocean bottom with much care, loaded very carefully into a huge rocket, and sent back to Mobius. Once arrived back on her home planet, the Mobian government held a memorial for those lost and re-sank the wreck just off the northwestern coast of West Side Island. She rests there to this day, undisturbed for the rest of time.
The UZMD Flamecore was a hybrid destroyer that served in the Interplanetary War. She was sunk in 2095 after a good career on the sea, in the air, and in space.
Type: Destroyer   Displacement: 1,220 (normal) 1,310 (full load)   Length: 315 feet   Beam: 30 feet   Draft: 9 feet   Propulsion: (seaborne) 4 boilers at 300 psi, 2 geared steam turbines, 27,500 hp, 2 shafts                   (airborne) 9 GE9X engines, 105,000 lbs of thrust, 1 RD-180 rocket engine on rear.                  (spaceborne) 4 Rocketdyne F-1 rocket engines   Speed (seaborne): 43 knots   Range: 5,000 nautical miles   Crew: 10 officers, 8 chief petty officers, 120 enlisted   Armament (seaborne): 4 × 4 inch/50 caliber guns (102 mm) 1 × 3 inch/23 caliber gun (76 mm) (anti-aircraft) 12 × 21 inch torpedo tubes (4 × 3) (533 mm)

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