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Dearest Prince Majet

“Dearest Prince Matej,   I write to your excellence today in regards to the futures of our soon-to-be-married kingdoms. As we are both aware, we will be partnered within 24 moon cycles from this day’s date. Knowing no more of you than your name, I feel it best to reach out to my future husband and king so I may learn, as your future wife and queen, how to please you. Educate me, my King.   Tell me of the ways I may please you, serve you, and live for you. Teach me how to be the perfect wife and queen to a king of beasts, how to pleasure your monster. Show me, my Future.   I wish for our union to be a pleasurable one. Every morn, noon, and night if you allow it, my Love. Please request a private audience with me, prior to our union night and at your convenience, from my father. I wish to both learn of you and your requests of me, as well as ensure your satisfaction of my learnings.   Yours to be, Princheska Ecrin”   A lustfully written letter, penned by Princheska Ecrin herself, was sent and deliver to Prince Matej Nijaz of the neighboring kingdom. Upon receiving this letter, Matej immediately sent request to the King Dae Ba Pady, Ecrin’s father. Matej requested a first meeting with his future wife in an attempt to ensure a successful union of kingdoms. Fortunately, King Dae approved the request and allowed the meeting, set for the 13th moon cycle.   Upon arrival of the 13th moon cycle’s morn, the King had the Ecrin delivered to the kingdomcas of Matej, as requested. Arriving for breakfast, after fasting the entire 13 cour ride to the kingdomcas, Ecrin was quite famished. Exiting her carriage, the front doors to the kingdomcas opened to reveal a completely nude Prince Nijaz.

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