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Marks of the Waters

In ancient times, it was believed that distinctive tattoos or markings on the skin held some power. Now, seeing markings can be a curse.   Throughout history, women and men, boys and girls, of all ages have been coming back from the dead. With a desire to consume mana.   Though unlike the common depiction of a Siren, these Sirens lure unsuspecting victims in the fog to deplete them of their mana.

Transmission & Vectors

The Siren's curse cannot be transferred to other individuals. However the one who turned them, a deity is able to.


The cause is, when you die with unresolved circumstances a deity can hear your voice. Then, with how much you plead for your life, can be brought back as a Siren. And once a Siren rises, the area surrounding them will be covered in a thick, white ashy fog. Every time a Siren is nearby, a fog will settle. Making it easier for them to attack you.   But be careful, the early stages of being a Siren means you are dealing with a creature or many origins, being: Humanos, Elphos, etc. With an apppetite to rival an Oni, an irritability to match a Dragon, and the strength to lift one of the heaviest Dragonborn in the air.


The physical symptoms of a Siren are pretty common between each other. The first stage of being a Siren is called "Vacuous" which basically means, showing a lack of thought, mindless. These Sirens only live for these first moments to consume every drop of mana in a location. They are irritable, aggressive, hungry, and dangerously powerful. To tell if you are handling a first stage Siren, you have to see what stage of decomposition they are at. If they are freshly risen, their eyes are a milky white, and their skin is startlingly red, this is because of re-continued blood flow throughout their reanimated corpses. It takes almost a whole year before they are able to look more alive. And in that time, they will relearn how to speak, because of fluid buildup and the unfortunate dirt or bug in their lungs, Vacuous Sirens will communicate with guttural noises and screeches like they are screaming underwater. When they are learning how to speak again, they will repeat words. Example: "I want want to know, know." Or with names: "Hen-Hen-Henry Henry." Most Sirens will not be able to break the repeating of words even in later stages.


Unfortunately, this is not some simple ailment. However, there is a little known secret to stopping a Siren. And that is with the natural toxins produced by a Vampire. They carry in their saliva a natural toxin that is able to put a Siren to sleep.   A way to keep a Siren calm, is to just feed them mana.  Any mana will do, they will consume it, no questions asked.


As time goes on, and the more and more a Siren grows. The more they consume mana, and if they fulfill that one wish that brought them back to life. They have a decent amount of routes to the end. One is becoming one with the dead again. Once they enact revenge, get retribution, however the case may be. A Siren can join the dead in the afterlife once again. Ending a life of constant hunger. But there may be another end, one not wanted. A Siren can become "Ceaseless" a definite immortal, never-ending, etc.  A lot of times, a Siren will become Ceaseless if they enact revenge, but want something more.  Or in other cases, they can plead for the life of another dying individual, to where even if the Siren enacts retribution, they will be undying because they assisted in bringing another individual back as a Siren.

Affected Groups

Between the ages of 5-40 is when you are capable of being brought back as a Siren.  Any older and that old and frail body may not keep up.  Any younger and that Siren can starve too soon.  But there are cases where a newborn has been brought back.  But a Ceaseless Siren has to be there to take care of them.

Hosts & Carriers

The gods carry the ability to bring back the dead, and every-time they bring an individual back, the closer they are to their own death.


There is no known prevention, as whichever deity brought back a Siren, gets full say in if the Siren is brought back at all.


A Siren can completely destroy a town or village, especially in early stages of life.  They can cause deaths of around 100s of people in the first hour of being risen.  A way to tell if there is a Siren in the area is to see if there is fog around the town or village.  Or, in the worst cases, a family suddenly is found dead.  Most Sirens hunt down their own families first before attacking others.


The first recorded case was of a woman in Huen.  So there was a community of women that would sacrifice their teenage daughters to a fictitious water god.  One case was of a woman of a prestigious home.  Who was burned, tied up and sent down the river to be a sacrifice.  Unbeknownst to them, a god, upon hearing the cries of the girl.  Brought her back as a raging Siren of Fire.  Who upon returning home, burned it down, murdered her mother, spared her baby sister, and fled into the night.  Leaving the whole village baffled at to how the house burned.  This was the only case where a Siren lived for 30 years, and died a normal and natural death.

Cultural Reception

In a lot of cultures they are aware of this, and they try to control it.  Some Sirens, ancient ones to be exact can be protectors of: shrines, rulers or even dimensions.  In other times, they are feared, as Sirens can lead to a whole community being dead the next day.
Chronic, Acquired

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