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Antiquity Bridge

Antiquity Bridge is a bridge within Minecraftia spanning tens of thousands of blocks. It exists within the Builder zone of the Overworld. It is considered to be the longest structure in the Overworld, excluding the minecart tunnels that run beneath the surface of the Overworld. Antiquity Bridge was built in order to connect the great island of Isoz to mainland Astello. Its purpose was to promote trading between the two lands.

Purpose / Function

To promote travel and trade across the Great Drowned Sea.


Polished granite is used for the support beams, while polished andesite and polished diorite is used for the road. Iron bars span the bridge in its entirety as rails to prevent accidental deaths.


Many who hail from the mainland Astello end up visiting Antiquity Bridge, either to marvel at the structure or to head to Isoz, with the occasional visitor from Isoz moving to Astello. Lots of people embark on the long path towards Isoz, however only a small percentage of people complete the week-long journey.
It is estimated that construction of Antiquity Bridge had resulted in 42 deaths from accidents.
Founding Date
Year 1035
It is estimated that Antiquity Bridge cost the Builder Empire 178,000 emeralds to build in its entirety.


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