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Gryphons are large beasts with the body of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle. An adult male usually weighs about 190 kgs, but can weigh up to 210 kgs. It is capable of flight and carrying roughly 100 kgs of weight.   Usually found in rocky, mountainous regions. Gryphons primary diet consists of medium size prey, such as goats. They have been known to take larger prey such as cattle if food sources are light. There have even been reports of gryphons taking children and the elderly, though such incidents are exceedingly rare.   They are a highly territorial species, and tend to keep to their pride. This tends to consist of a handful of males, and a much larger group of females. Males that wander into their territory will be attacked by the leading male and will either be killed or will take over the pride.   It is possible to tame a gryphon for use as a mount, but it is a long and challenging effort. They are highly selective of their riders, and there is a length bonding process. But if a connection between the gryphon and rider can be made, the gryphon will be incredibly loyal.   In the past, the gryphon was regularly used as a military mount. With the rise of modern technology, the gryphon has been relegated mostly to a luxury role. It does sometimes still see use in areas where helicopters would be unsuitable.   The creature's biology seems to be magical in nature, though it shows no magical abilities. They tend to avoid civilized areas.
Scientific Name
Panthera aquila
Conservation Status
Due to their nature of inhabiting areas that a difficult to construct in, they do not suffer much from habitat loss. However, the risk they can pose to livestock has put them at odds with different farmers.   While not numerous, they are currently not in danger of extinction.

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