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Bone Wastes

Very little is known about the Bone Wastes. It is a region dotted by various ruins denoting an ancient civilization, but records are sparse. There are many theories on what happened to the people who inhabited the Bone Wastes.   The region however is very dangerous.   With all the death in the region, natural necromancy is rife. Various forums of dangerous magical creatures are found in the region. They are adverse to the light, and usually hide under the sands or in structures during the day. At night, however, these various creatures roam about and usually exhibit hostile behaviour to any living person unfortunate enough to encounter them.   To this end, the region is avoided by most people.


The area is a large region made of various terrain features. Hills, valleys, dried river beds, petrified forests, abandoned villages and cities.   Very little was known of the region due to the dangerous nature of the area. Would be explorers had been pulled horses and all into the sands. Even early automobiles weren't safe.   It was only with the advent of aerial technology that people could begin to truly map the region. As planes became faster and expanded their operational window, the Bone Wastes slowly became mapped. Flights are still directed around the region during the night, as there are known to be airborne types of magical creatures.   The size and scope of the Wastes are only now fully understood but it is still nearly impossible to traverse.

Fauna & Flora

Nothing grows or voluntarily lives in this region. Either from the event that caused the destruction of the Bone Waste Civilization or the aftermath in the flow in magic in the region, it has become entirely unliveable.   Observation of the region shows that bird populations will divert their migrations around the region.   Soil samples have come back sterile.

Natural Resources

There is in theory a large amount of archeological finds that could be recovered from the region.

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