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Mésvéstell Timeline

The Sovereign Dynasty

0 2149

It is an Age that saw the rise of the Sovereign Rulers and ended with their seemingly demise.

  • 1897 SD / -252 BPD.
    Sovereign Ruler Auna is Imprisoned
    Life, Relocation

    Sovereign Ruler Vrelteios imprison Auna in the mythical Necklace of Dusk, a so-called Knottrfangri.
    A Knottrfangri a spherical prison, about as large as an apple, built specifically to hold a Dhatro, though they may also hold Taenos, Andsáls, and Sálfrods, along with Disma.   Made from Gildenstone, the magical stone of the Disma and Magic.   They can only be opened with a unique combination using both magical imprints and having the correct combination. Along with possible frequential sequences.

  • 1899 SD / -250 BPD
    The Sickness is Released
    Plague / Epidemic

    Cthenth creates the Sickness and unleashes it upon the world of Mésvéstell.
    And Cthenth created the Sickness. An act so wrong the Twin Goddesses decided He had gone too far and needed to be stopped. But for their Chosen One to even have a fraction of a chance to succeed in His only quest, the Sovereign Rulers needed to be put to the sword.  
    — Holy Scripture.
    After much consideration, Sovereign Ruler Ikeus creates the Sickness, a foul and adaptive ailment that affects all living beings, be it flora or fauna. It works slowly and silently; whenever it is visible it may already be too late.   When Sovereign Ruler asked why Ikeus created the Sickness, the Sovereign Ruler of Death answered that it would strengthen all living beings and it would forcefully cause the civilizations of both Humans and Vampires to develop faster than they otherwise would have.

  • 1921 SD / -228 BPD
    The Sovereign Ruler Ihara is Killed.
    Life, Death

    Sovereign Ruler Ihara is the first to perish and marks the beginning of the War of the Sovereign Court.
    After finally being put to the sword by Prophet Kheaf, Sovereign Ruler Ihara is banished from the world of the living and was thrown to Cthenth: the Death Realm. There she was reformed into the Eidolon Luheial where She cultivated Her own realm. She precedes there still, thirsting for revenge.  
    — Holy Scripture.
    The Sovereign Ruler Vrelteios kills His cousin by piercing Her with Her own Vjitham Sanantle, causing Her to be banished to Her own Seludreer Hnossmin. What happened to the Dhatro Artefacts until they are in the hands of Ihara's Prophet is not known.

  • 1921 SD / -228 BPD
    War of the Red Winds
    Military action

    The destructive death of Sovereign Ruler Ihara catches the attention of the remaining Sovereign Rulers.   It ignites what will become known as the War of the Red Winds, or the War of the Crimson Gale, to blossom into full effect, a conflict that previously was a cold war; where skirmishes occurred in shadow.   It was a war that truly showed how devastating the Vampires could be on the battlefield.

  • 1924 SD / -225 BPD
    Sovereign Ruler Areus is Killed.
    Life, Death

    Sovereign Ruler Areus is the second of the Sovereign Rulers to perish.
    After the solemn end of the Golden Waters, Prophet Kheaf finally bested Sovereign Ruler Areus at the Palace of Sualni at the cost of the beautiful city the Palace was named after.
    Areus was then banished to the Realm of Mist where He was reformed into Eidolon Ildred and where cultivated His realm, where He now awaits revenge.  
    — Holy Scripture.
    Sovereign Ruler Areus found his end at the former Septagon Palace of Sualni, located within the City of Sualni. There, He was corned by Sovereign Ruler Vrelteios and eventually pierced by His Vjitham Sanantle, causing Him to be banished to His own Seludreer Hnossmin.
    What happened to the Dhatro Artefacts until they are in the hands of Areus' Prophet is not known.

  • 2095 SD / -54 BPD
    The First Calling Begins
    Era beginning/end

    With the birth of the first Prophet of Luheial, the First Calling begins.

  • 2095 SD / -54 BPD
    Prophet Aidah Duail is Born
    Life, Birth

    Prophet Duail of the First Calling -- whose given name was Aidah Dheia -- is the first one of the Four Prophets of the Eidolons to be born.