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Velastia Terra

"It is both resiliant and weak...


Velastia Terra. Undoubtedly one of the most well-known Quarantined Realities in Vael'Eteria. However, just because it is well-known, does not mean it is well-understood.
It is a possible Nexus Reality that has an unhealthy obsession with the abstract idea of normalcy; this is most certainly due to the fact that its fabric of reality is unprecedentedly damaged. The unknown amount of Alterations chained to it suffers from a similar fate, though at different scales. When it became a Quarantined Reality, as well as how its structural metaphysical integrity became so damaged, is unknown. Possibly due to the effects of the Amnesia Pulse.  
— Quarantined Realities - The Danger of Them.

Velastia / Terra / Earth.

Among the common man, this Reality is simply known as Terra -- or Earth. It is known as Velastia Terra within the Anomalous, though the exact meaning of the word Velastia is yet to be known. Some entities within Terra call it only Velastia.
One theory is that this is another word for Quarenteen but no substantial evidence for this exists as of the writing of this text.  
— Quarantined Realities - The Danger of Them.

A strong but fragile reality

According to what little knowledge one has managed to figure out about reality's metaphysical structure, it is one of the most moldable realities in Vael'Eteria. But at the same time, it also has one of the strongest laws of reality imbued into it, making some aspects of it extremely durable.  
— Quarantined Realities - The Danger of Them.

The Anomalous

Velastia Terra is beset upon by enigmatic energies that push and pull on its damaged fabric of reality. The origins of these energies appear to be several, of which not all are connected. This causes objects, phenomena, and entities to materialize in Velastia, either purposefully or accidentally.
Known as The Anomalous to certain groups and individuals, there are several sub-categories to this, some of which are more well-understood than others. It also bears many other names, one of which appears to be Velastia.  
— Quarantined Realities - The Danger of Them.

Anomalous Connected Groups

Anomalous Connected Groups -- also known as ACGs -- are organizations and societies that work and act beyond the veil of normalcy.
Some act in defiance against the Anomalous, attempting to make sure that the common man does not know of what dangers lurk in the darkness. Others wish to embrace the Anomalous and spread it outward; to make it the new normal.
Some of these groups are actively hostile against each other, some work with each other, and others are neutral observers who stay away from others as best they can.  
— Quarantined Realities - The Danger of Them.

Anoumalous Magic / Thaumaturgy

Some Anomalous Phenomenon are common enough and have been prevalent enough throughout history that they have come to be nearly integrated into the world of normalcy. One of these are known as Anomalous Magic or Thaumaturgy. There exist supposedly several different types of Thaumaturgy, and not all have the same source or origin.  
— Quarantined Realities - The Danger of Them.

Parallel Dimensions

Parallel Dimensions are deeply connected with Velastia Terra. In fact, it appears this reality has one of the weakest frequential barriers ever in Vael'Eteria, allowing easier traversal between Alterations -- something known as Parallel Dimensions in Velastia Terra.
It is believed that Parallel Dimensions are one of the origins of The Anomalous; what is normal there is anomalous here, so to say; possibly perverted through the frequential barriers, weak as they are.  
— Quarantined Realities - The Danger of Them.


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