Phasma Ecto Cult


Phasma Ecto is more of a cult than anything else that mainly operates within the City of Concord. They usually work with experimental technology and biological modification.
One of the few rare groups that are believed to be from a future era of Mésvéstell, they also work with small-time smuggling of valuable high technology and their cells are considered high-value targets by the more law-abiding citizens.  
— Organizations in the City of Concord.

Public Agenda

They wish to spread the wonders of technology throughout all worlds. To help cure sickness and disorders. To bring proper civilization to every corner of Existence.  
— Organizations in the City of Concord.


They have existed in Concord for many, many years, though nobody is quite sure exactly when they came to be or even how they started.   They have made themselves in-famous for abducting people and performing experiments on them, both on Concord Citizens and from other worlds, usually alterations. Though, as Morgan the Bounty Hunter can show, they also take people from the Prime Worlds and even Future Eras, the latter of which should be near impossible.  
— Organizations in the City of Concord.
Located in
City of Concord
The Concordian Knights of Peace, Anvilites' Guild
Connected to
Morgan the Bounty Hunter
Secret, Occult


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