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The Day in Which The Weed Arrives

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This world is a giant slightly modern town, a section of it is called the Furry Division in which the hybrid people live. In the middle of this town they have a Cracked Mask Square where their official events are like The Masking, or a new rule is placed on a cork cylinder in the middle of the square that has the rules of the town on it, or one of the Metaphysicals visit, or punishments, or rewards. A nicer section of the town is Clucking Park cared for by harpies in which trees with their leaves cut in chicken shapes are everywhere and they cluck... constantly. Put a person in a cage in Clucking Park and they will be driven mad from exhaustion and the inability to think. Let them out of Clucking Park and they’ll be driven mad further from the silence after. So it’s not so nice then. Maybe Drifting Grove? It’s a place all ghosts are irresistibly drawn to no matter where they are in Metaphysics and from there they never leave. The living go there in the hopes that they will see their loved ones but if they do their loved ones won’t remember them. Some stay there trying to connect with their loved ones until they wither away and eventually become another empty ghost haunting Drifting Grove. There is Lantern Lake but good luck not getting lost in a boat or drowned by the angler mermaids. Go to the Abstract Suburbs that’s a famous spot, everything is bright colors, fun shapes... but so are the people, the animals, everything is part of the great masterpiece of abstract art and you will be too if you stay there for long. One place that won’t change you is Steamed Up State a Steam punk city of tick tocking wonders like Tick Tock Tower where Clock herself lives with her family but bewarned the citizens can get pretty intense be it their temper, their determination, or their love. Hey! There is an actually safe place in this crazy world. The Peace Tent. Naturally the inhabitant of this tent, Daisy Fateswell, isn’t from here and because of that impossibility she is treated with reverence and everyone even the Metaphysicals, especially them, come regularly to her for advice despite the fact that prior to being sucked into this world she had no idea what she was doing with her own life much less what anyone should do with theirs.

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