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An ancient and little-known dragon god, Tyra is known as the god of war and justice. She is the one called upon when contracts are made or deals are struck, although many dragons do not even know who it is they are invoking. A mysterious figure, she seems to exist on the fringes of the pantheon.

Divine Domains

Tyra is associated with war, particularly the formalities of war (such as treaties), law, and justice. She is more closely associated with the upholding of law and justice. Tyra is also distantly associated with the sun and the sky.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Her most common symbol is an image of a dragon claw, representing the one she lost.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Tyra is the upholder of the law and guarantor of justice. She is the one to whom all dragons swear when making oaths. Although not a god that often interferes directly with the lives of mortals, it is said that she will cause great harm to oathbreakers.
Divine Classification
Dragon God

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