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Mechwarrior New Texas Confederacy

January 1, 3025

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A periphery realm, outside the borders of the Lyran Commonwealth, the New Texas Confederacy exists is a rough and tumble sector of the galaxy which is frequently plagued by pirate raids from the Greater Valkyrate and the Oberon Confederation. King Virgil Hurst, tired of the pirate depredations decided that his realm would have to get strong enough to resist them on their own. In 3004 he sent his younger son, Clayton, into the Inner Sphere equipped with two lances of light tanks. His task? To recruit enough mercenaries to form a full combined arms regiment: battlemechs, armor, aerospace, artillery and infantry. Clayton succeeded and New Texas became basically invulnerable to pirate raids. Seeing that he could extend this protection, he has since sent 3 additional expeditions. Two have returned, and the worlds of Lonestar and Lubbock have been added to the Confederacy. King Virgil died in 3024, Now Queen Naomi is about to dispatch the 5th New Texas to the Inner Sphere under the command of her youngest offspring in hopes of further expanding the realm.