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This is a world that is home to three distinct schools of magic, home to dragons, ogres, other mythical beasts. This is a world of kingdoms, fiefdoms, knights and lords and wizards. This is a world where dark lords and their impish minions scour the land, only for chosen ones of prophecy to strike them down with the holy impunity of their patrons.


This is the concept that they wanted to cultivate.


The world of Mazhim-Okhul is an artificial fantasy planet, cultivated by a trio of interstellar corporate conglomerates specializing in advanced military technology as a research and development planet to test the furthest reaches of their technology, which to the oblivious and non-interstellar denizens of the planet is considered the Three Powers of magic. They're also watched and enjoyed at all times by people as a curiosity or as a visceral broadcast experience by intergalactic media companies as well. The planet itself was terraformed, with genetically altered Earth-like animals, plants, and artificially fertilized human beings being added to it after the fact. The terraforming process came with glitches which made the world more fantastical admittedly.


Then, they let the prototypes of their technology in the world, and from their mostly inaccessible metro-cities hidden within places too fearful for the primitive human populace to venture, they watch. They employed Dark Lords with newer prototypes of the technology to raise hell, to see where the bugs are, to see how new features can be added. They also need to cull the population and send in Dark Lords to use the world for ore and other natural resource harvests.


The people of the lands know no better. Though they are disconnected by mountain passes and inhospitable oceans, the land masses were made to be nearly touching at certain points, allowing simpler emigration from one corner of the world to the other given enough time. They also made sure that the common tongue (assumed to be a futuristic version of the English tongue) was the only developed tongue and dialect, and made sure that technology never naturally advanced beyond a medieval phase in any way that wasn't seen as primitively ritualistic.


This entertainment/research world, however, is staffed by people, living their feudal lives, fighting elementals and hungry heads and primordials and dragons and start all manner of wars with each other, and as people in Mazhim-Okhul begin to figure things out, the fate of the planet and the companies responsible are going to change... forever.