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The ubiquitous beverage of choice upon waking and during the day. It is even preferred at the end of the day just prior to retiring to bed. Made of roasted then dried and pulverized grain, it has a dark color and nutty taste, bitter, but not too much so. Its fragrance is strong and heady and as much a part of the enjoyment of those who drink it as is the taste.   Nearly every person who has access to this drink is a consumer of it. It's easy to find, easy to store, and easy to prepare. Even children can consume it, with proper care to make sure it is not too hot for their sensitive mouths. It contains no ingredients that are addictive so is ideal for active laborers as well as invalids and all sorts in between.   Usually created from roasted wheat, it can also be made from roasted barley. Both are flavorful, but the taste is quite different between the two.    First the ripe grains are harvested and dried, then roasted carefully over coals, constantly stirring until the grains reach the desired color. This is perhaps the most challenging part of the creation as it takes an expert eye to know just when the color is right. Too soon and the flavor is insipid, too late and it is burned.    Once roasted, the grain is ground and spread to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate. Failure to do this causes the grind to be hard to dissolve as it will clump when being stirred into hot liquid. Once dried, the powder is packed into airtight containers, or as nearly airtight as possible. It will keep for many months when properly stored.   In its most basic form the powder is spooned into a mug and hot water is added. The mix is stirred until it is completely dissolved and then drunk. Of course many additions can be added according to taste. Because it is bitter and strong on its own, most will add a bit of sweetener or a touch of milk or cream to mellow out the flavor.   It is no miracle drink, but is flavorful, and can get a person going in the morning by awakening the senses, taste and smell primarily, but the eyes see the brew and the hands cradle the mug as well. It is a perfect drink to enjoy in the company of friends, during the day or when gathered in the evening, with no worry that someone will need to be escorted home, or get into a fight, or become sick as is often the case when dealing with other sorts of liquid refreshment.   The name has an interesting origin as well.  It is said to have come from a mumbled reply to the offer of a mug of the brew, something along the lines of 'Most up, I'm most up' Someone either had a very early wake up time, or a very late night before.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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