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The wolf and the rabbit- Folk tale

The wolf went out hunting to feed his family. He glimpses a rabbit and chases it down and clenches it between his teeth. His grip wasn't good so the rabbit got away. The wolf was disappointed- he would catch that rabbit. So the wolf found the rabbits hole and sat. And waited. The sun rose and fell. Rain poured down. Snow covered his fur. He was thin. And with each passing day he grew angrier. He wanted the rabbit. Finally the rabbit emerged from its hole and the wolf snapped its neck between its teeth. When the wolf finally returned to his family he came across a horrifying discovery. There lie the dead carcasses of his mate and children. While he was waiting for the rabbit. They had starved.

A Heronian/Tundran folktale.

/*@Bear guy tells it to the main caracter in 3. He relates it to himself.*/


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